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Antibodies are quite thermostable. The details will vary with the sequence
of the variable antigen-binding regions, the subtype, carbohydrate content,
and solvent conditions. The unfolding usually shows multiple transitions,
with different domains of the molecule unfolding at different temperatures.
Typically unfolding begins at ~60 C, the CH2 domain unfolds with a midpoint
of perhaps 75 C, and then the rest unfolds in a transition above 80 C.

A recent paper with details and references to other studies is Y. Mimura et
al. (2000) Molecular Immunology 37, 697-706.

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> Hi there
> What is the tempreture at which the antibodies (G-Globulin) will be
> denatured??
> Thans so much
> Dr. Tamer Hassan

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