Mike Hanlon someone at asd.com
Fri Jan 25 08:30:32 EST 2002

When you click on Build -> Add Residue (which is what I assume you are
doing) a message in red text pops up at the left top corner telling you to
pick an atom (to indicate where to add the residue) - maybe you are just
missing this.
When you say you only get a partial structure, do you mean segments are
missing from the terminii or internally. The former results from the
Also it's worth noting that there is bug in earlier versions: I don't
remember the exact details but after looking at a returned model some
residues appear to disappear from the model so check the Control Panel to
see if their view just needs turning on again.


"Yong Jiang" <yjiang at ucsd.edu> wrote in message
news:a2qau6$gul$1 at news1.ucsd.edu...
> Hi, i am using Swiss PDB viewer to build a map of a protein that I am
> interested in, however what I get is only a partial structure of that
> protein, and I tried to add some amino acid residues onto it by hand, no
> matter how hard I tried to click the "build" from the menu, nothing
> happened. does anyone know how to use that software, give me some advice,
> please. thank you in advance.
> yong jiang
> at UCSD

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