Need some advice

Ed Greco edwin.greco at physics.gatech.edu
Thu Jan 24 11:35:54 EST 2002


I am currently a graduate student in physics and need some advice.  My
professor asked me to find about different type of programs used to model
proteins.  He has some ideas that he wants to work out and is tired of
paying big bucks for research grade plastic models.  I am suppose to find
out what sort of CGI programs are out there so this modeling can be done on
a computer.  After I get a list, we can ask around the university and see if
anyone already owns the software and if they wouldn't mind giving us some
time on their machine.  I would be interested in knowing what other people
are using for similar work.  I was not sure what news group this would best
be suited under so if this does not apply to you sorry.  Any advice would be
great, even if its just a point in the right direction.

Thanks, Ed

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