MALDI and Virtual 2D

Simon cristoni at itba.mi.cnr.it
Wed Jan 9 08:19:06 EST 2002

Good day, I am a Biochemical researcher working at the University of Milan.
I study protein and peptides molecules using mass spectrometry (ESI and
MALDI). I have recently read the follow paper:

Rachel R. Ogorzalek Loo,*,?,? James D. Cavalcoli,§ Ruth A. VanBogelen,§
Charles Mitchell,?,|
Joseph A. Loo,§ Brian Moldover,§,^ and Philip C. Andrews*,? "Virtual 2-D Gel
Electrophoresis: Visualization and Analysis of the E. coliProteome by Mass
Spectrometry" Anal. Chem.2001, 73,4063-4070

In this paper the second dimension of classical 2D-GEL has been sobstitued
with the MALDI technique. My questions are: 1) In the paper it is specified
that the MALDI (PerSeptive-Vestec Voyager Elite and PerSeptive) use the
LINEAR MODE in order to perform the analysis on the first dimension of the
GEL. Do you know what does LINEAR MODE means? 2) Do you know some laboratory
that are able to use this technique? I am strongly interested in
collaboration with this groups.

Plese reply to my E-MAIL address: dtoycr at tin.it

Thank you very much for your help.


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