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Thu Jan 3 22:59:49 EST 2002

Tim Davies <daviest at shaw.ca> wrote:
>i just seem to remember that the folks who sort of did the human dna
>thing last year have a jv with ibm to build a box of around 30tera flop
>or so. It was to do structure of proteins, so naturally they believe
>that crunch power is the key to some aspect of the problem. 

Well, some people believe in really strange things. I attended a 
lecture about 6 months ago, and the speaker said he believes 
in 30 years experimental biologists will be out of business because
not only we will be able to predict structure from sequence, but 
we will also be able to model a cell and predict all consequences
of a single mutation on a level of whole organism. 

All I can say is LOL.

>There box
>will be only partially efficient , so i was thinking that they must be
>very very sure of there math to build a 100mill box that is only a super
>cluster type device. Where there is confidence in the math , there are
>much more efficient routs than the method chosen. so i wonder is the
>math known , and what is it. does it fit a fast methodology . The
>problem , from a pure math perspective , must have been structured and
>tested prior to the build 

>or someone has more money than brains.

That won't be the first time it happened, you know ;) 


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