Aminooctyl Sepharose 4B gel/column?

D.K. dk at no.email.thankstospam.net
Wed Feb 20 20:28:12 EST 2002

qqin at ccrc.uga.edu (Qiang Qin) wrote:
>I am looking for a supplier for an aminooctyl Sepharose 4B gel/column
>because there are reports on using this gel to purify a similar protein
>that I am working on. Unfortunately, most of them didn't give any hints
>where they got the gel. Some just used homemade ones. Does anybody know
>something about this matrix (supplier, protocol etc...)? Thanks a

Check Sigma catalog, they should have it. I used to buy aminohexyl
agarose from Sigma. 4% cross-linked agarose = Sepharose 4B

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