Western blot on Coomassie stained SDS-PAGE gel?

Andreas Savelsbergh andreas at savelsbergh.de
Tue Feb 19 05:36:27 EST 2002


I'm doing exactly what you describe routinely. Just soak the stained gel
for 30 min in 1% SDS, pH 8.5, then do the electroblot. The nice thing
about that is that you can check the transfer by watching the coomassie
being blotted as well. Up to now, I haven't seen any interferences with
antibody detection.

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Qiang Qin wrote:

> Has anybody tried to eletroblot Coomassie stained gel directly to
> membrane then do Western? Will that work? Will the protein transfer
> well? And will the 1st antibody still react with the protein? Thanks.
> Qin
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