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On 4 Feb 2002, Azutrum wrote:

> arsphys at cc.usu.edu (Phil Harrison) wrote in message news:< at cc.usu.edu>...
> > Frank is right.  The purpose of this list is not to do your schoolwork for
> > you.  These questions are the sort you should take to your teacher.  That
> > is what he/she is paid for.
>       Yes, you are right my professors are paid to answer these
> questions. But the purpose of this newgroup is to help students as
> well, Or any inquiring mind.
>From the FAQ (http://www.bio.net/docs/biosci.FAQ.html):

The system is intended to promote communication between professionals in
the biological sciences. All postings to the newsgroups should be made in
that spirit. While the general public may "listen in" to the discussions,
these newsgroups are intended primarily for communications between
researchers. There are other forums on Usenet such as sci.bio for the
asking and answering of biological questions from lay persons.

>From this passage, it can be concluded that this forum should not be used
as a homework resource.

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