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arsphys at cc.usu.edu (Phil Harrison) wrote in message news:< at cc.usu.edu>...

> Frank is right.  The purpose of this list is not to do your schoolwork for 
> you.  These questions are the sort you should take to your teacher.  That 
> is what he/she is paid for.

      Yes, you are right my professors are paid to answer these
questions. But the purpose of this newgroup is to help students as
well, Or any inquiring mind. I had a lot of interesting questions that
I asked, If you look at my questions you will see that I am not
listing my questions and asking for their answers. I am suggesting my
researched answers and asking for its validity with greater
      I am sorry that my questions seem very trivial to you and to be
wasting everones time asking these questions when they could be saving
on "Import Auto Parts at 30% to 60%". But I am interested in this
topic and so I am trying to finding different avenues to further my
knowledge, than just asking that one professor.

> Note: any common dictionary can tell  you the meaning of "porcine."  Don't 
> waste people's time asking them to do for you things you could easily do 
> for yourself.
> Phil

       Sorry to ask everyone what porcine means. I sincerly didn't
think of looking it up in the dictionary. Otherwise I would have, what
is looking up one mor word when I did so much research into my
article. Oh and that wasn't the only question I asked Phil, it seems
you only read the P.S. not the actual questions.

Sorry to have wasted your precious time Phil.

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