Solubility Study of Truncated Proteins

Frank Fürst ffrank at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Tue Apr 30 06:14:06 EST 2002

Elsy Benjamin <benjaminelsy at hotmail.com> schrieb:

> Dear List members,
> It would be a great help if any one can give me insight on solubilty study
> of expresssed protein.
> What techniques can be used for such studies: expression cloning like
> GateWay,  Invitro trancription translation?

Hm, what do you want to learn? There are so many factors that influence
the level of soluble protein one gets, even assuming a constant level of
mRNA. codon usage, protease sensitivity and activity, formation of
inclusion bodies (itself dependent on expression level, cellular
factors, temperature...). All this is, of course, dependent on the
sequence. However, not in a simple manner for sure.

(don't know what GateWay is)

> Are there any published information about generating truncations in a
> complete ORF followed by cloning and study the expression to see which
> truncated protein get expressed to highest level?

A search for "expression level truncation" in PubMed gives 251
hits... Again, since your question is so unspecific: What do you want to

Bye, Frank
> But I don't really see running SETI at Home as practical as Folding at Home.  What,
> exactly, would be the benefit of finding intelligent aliens on the other side
> of the galaxy?
Maybe they're broadcasting the principles of protein folding... [from bionet.*]

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