IPA precipitation of virus

Peter Cherepanov peter.cherepanov at uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu Apr 18 10:25:06 EST 2002

Hi Morten,
why you want to remove the virus? -
Is virus really there, or just a possibility of its presence?
is it for safety purpose?

Frankly, I doubt you can quantitively precipitate virus with ammonium
sulfate (ie for safety this will not be good, but if there are loads of it
and you want to remove most of it then it will probbaly be okay).

Often people use ultrafiltration to remove viral particles, some membranes
are certified to let smaller molecules to pass through (not only for
retention of larger then cut-off particles). Anion exchange is often used to
capture viral particles as well.
As know, virus removal is a general problem in biotechnology and there are
ready solutions for that (search Google for "virus removal" and "protein"
(not to seave through computer virus problems)). Try this one too:


hope it helps,



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