optimization renaturation

"Vladimir Grubor" <forwards nospam at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Sun Apr 7 22:32:27 EST 2002

I heard from experienced people that it is best to slowly decrease the
denatureation gradient, rather than do a sudden transition.


"Lorenza" <lorenza at dba.unito.it> wrote in message
news:20020405175100.13076.qmail at ww02.jatek.com...
> I have produced a recombinant NRG egf-like domain, fused with His tag, by
> E.Coli. I have extracted it from inclusion body using UREA.Then I have
> purified it by NicKel colum and dialyzed.
> Is the dialysis sufficient to renature my protein?
> What can I do to  optimize renaturation so that I can be sure to have my
> protein in an active form? I need the EGF-like domain binds to his
>  Thank you very much!
>                lorenza
> <http://www.biowww.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=5378&t=5378>

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