Protein Structure Prediction

Yong Jiang yjiang at ucsd.edu
Tue Apr 2 17:40:42 EST 2002

read lastest paper and find which protein is your target, then go to
genebank/ncbi to retrieve the sequence; there are so many online tools can
predict secondary structure, non of them are perpect, each is good at
certain protein families. you have to try several of them, the best
judgement comes from you, the biologist, not the software.
"Mohit Bhatia" <mohitbhatiache at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:77178c75.0203192019.66ef73a4 at posting.google.com...
> I am a final year student of chemical and bio engineering.
> I am working on predicting secondary structure of protein from its
> primary base pair sequence ie Primary structure. I want to know
> 1)where will i get newest researched protein primary structure
> (sequence).
> 2)which are the best servers to predict secondary structure from base
> pair sequence.
> Mohit Bhatia
> REC Jalandhar

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