protein extraction

Yong Jiang yjiang at ucsd.edu
Tue Apr 2 17:36:32 EST 2002

if you are doing affinit column, you can use less elution buffer to get
higher concentration product; if you are doing regular chromatography, you
can concentrate your product by centricon(Amincon co.) or freeze-dry method
to get higher conc. Since i have no idea what you are doing right now, i can
not give you more details about it.
"kamon" <somkom at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> Dear.
>          I want the method of protein(Candida protein) extraction such as
> sonicate or the other. Because the method during not proper ; low protein
> concentration, time consuming,complicate. therefor I want the methods are
> rapid,easilyand high protein conc.
>           Please, answer for me .thank you.
>                                                     Kamon dent
> <http://www.biowww.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=5369&t=5369>

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