Antibody recognition of a protease created epitope

Gregory O'Sullivan osullivan at mpih-frankfurt.mpg.de
Sun Nov 25 14:22:28 EST 2001


I am trying to identify a protein after cleavage by a protease and follow it as oppsed to the intact version.

One way would be to use a commercially available antibody that will recognise a defined set of residues only after proteolytic cleavage and not in the uncleaved protein. Thus, cleavage of the peptide bond will leave a new N-terminus followed by a series of residues which will create a new epitope not present in the intact protein. Does anybody know of such an antibody ?

Alternatively, perhaps is there an 'in vivo', non-toxic way of labelling an amino acid (e.g. lysine) with a free N-terminus ?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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