HELP: peptide separation on SDS-PAGE

Krzysztof W. Wasowicz wasowicz at uwm.edu.pl
Fri Nov 23 04:47:15 EST 2001

I would appreciate any help on the following topic:
I am trying to run several neuropeptides on SDS-PAGE: neuropeptide Y
(Peninsula), vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (Peninsula), substance
P (Sigma) and Met-enkephalin (Sigma). These are not tissue extracts
but just pure peptides.
I tried different recipes for gels, and now I used method described by
Schaegger and von Jagow (Anal Biochem, 166:368-379, 1987) - 16.5%T3%C
separating, 10T3C spacer and 4T3C stacking gels. Schaegger and von
Jagow claim it has good resolution from 1kDa to 70kDa. After
electrophoresis I stain gel in regular CBB R-450 (with methanol). Now
strange thing comes: I cannot see a band of Met-enkephalin (maybe
nothing strange - just 0.6 kDa), I cannot see band of substance P
(just ca. 1.3 kDa) !!!, AND  bands of neuropeptide Y (4.25kDa) and
vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (3.3 kDa) run at EXACTLY the same
Does anyone have some experience with separation of thus small
ANY help and suggestion will be appreciated.
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