Are Your Investments Secure?

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Would you like to be secure in your financial future?

Consider the following:

- The stock market has plummeted.
- IRA's are losing money for the first time.
- Almost all financial experts predict a imminent recession.
- We are at war.

What to do with our investments and life savings at a time like 

The one investment that has not only avoided the pitfalls but has 
actually thrived is REAL ESTATE.

Consider the following:

- If you invested $20,000.00 in stocks one year ago, it would 
very likely be worth $16,000,000 today, or less.

- That same $20,000.00 invested in  real estate in the proper 
market one year ago and the property only performed near national 
averages (7.4% appreciation) your $20,000 in cash would have 
grown to over $34,000 in equity.

- Tax benefits are whole different story.

- The only way to obtain tax benefits in the stock market or most 
other markets is to lose money. A lot of people have gained tax 
benefits this year!

- With investment real estate you have tax benefits via the 
depreciation, for example, if you had a $3,000.00 per year 
positive cash flow from your property, it is very likely most of 
the $3,000.00 would be tax free because of depreciation.

- Speaking of taxes, did you know that you now can purchase 
investment real estate through your self directed IRA, with no 
taxes or penalties for conversion to a real property investment?

- Most importantly We specialize in the best markets nationwide. 
Our current market pick is:

- The nations number one area for corporate relocation

- Expected to out perform the US over the next quarter century

- Population growth averaging 1.45% annually

- Job growth in the service sector of the economy is rising 3% 
plus annually

- Been rated as one of the lowest housing cost areas in the US

For full information and a free, no-obligation information 
packet, visit http://www.raymitch.net/opportunity

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