Electrotransfer proteins for Edman sequencing

D.K. dk at no.email.thankstospam.net
Wed Nov 7 10:03:13 EST 2001

 "Emir Khatipov" <khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu> wrote:

>I was a bit irritated by the
>abundance of vague or sometime condescending phrasing in your message 

>you don't have [a lot of protein] ..., save yourself time and send it to
>mass-spec-based sequencing"  

Condescending? Hmm. Whatever - as long as it helps to find 50-fold mistake
in your calculations.

>- which we don't have in our university; 

Many facilities in other universities accept samples. Harvard 
Microsequencing facility is outstanding (long waits and expense are 
drawbacks), if you can't wait, Yale and Michigan usually do very 
good job as well. I am sure there are many others. 


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