baculo vector to resurrect ?

Emir REMOVEem at unforgettable.com
Tue Nov 6 08:59:17 EST 2001

I wonder if it is ever possible to isolate the expression vector from old
frozen induced baculo cells. My colleague told me he lost the original stock
of the vector, but still has some induced cells in a freezer. He cannot get
the vector from the original source, because the guy if not working in the
field anymore for a few years. I thought lysing the cells and transforming
E.coli with the lysate DNA could do that (+grow on a selection antibiotic,
and resequence the construct afterwards), but I wonder if someone tried that
and whether it is worth the effort at all rather than make a new construct.

Sorry if the question sounds stupid: I have no knowledge in baculo
expression myself.

Thanks for your ideas and advices.


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