Bioinformatics Questions

Simon Andrews simon.andrews at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu May 31 02:31:56 EST 2001

zerohourx at yahoo.com wrote:
> Bioinformatics Questions

[snip lots of general questions]

If you are interested in getting into biocomputing then your best bet is
probably to take a look at the large, open source bioinformatics
projects which are already underway.  These will give you an idea of
what people are currently doing, and they are never short of ideas for
new programs to be written, and are always looking for more help.  Since
you didn't say which language(s) you were interested in, then feel free
to pick from the list below;

	http://www.emboss.org/ (c-based)

> 5.  Can you provide me with a list of excellent boks which can enlighten me on
> the molecular biology field.  One person has already mentioned Introduction To
> Genetic Analysis by David Suzuki.  Again I know very little when it comes to
> biology and chemistry, except for what I took in high school and some
> university.

Others have suggested basic mol-biol books.  In addition it may be worth
taking a look at the latest introductory book for bioinformatics from
O'Reilly.  It may be really basic stuff (I haven't seen a copy yet), but
it should cover all of the various areas that bioinformatics is
impacting on at the moment.


Hope this helps


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