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Request any of these and more FREE laboratory samples, software, demos,
and publications at http://www.alkami.com/offers/request02.htm. Alkami
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DNA Agar
   A unique, low cost alternative to agarose for gel electrophoresis.
   From Midwest Scientific 

Quick-Stick Ligase Kit™
   Ligations performed with the Quick-Stick Kit take just 5 minutes at
   room temperature as opposed to the traditional methods that must
   be performed overnight at 16ºC. From Midwest Scientific 

1.5 ml Microcentrifuge Tubes
   This tube has a double, high pressure ring-system within its cap 
   and closure mechanism. The tube opens and closes easily by hand, 
   with a distinct click which lets you know it's ready for some G's
or    for boiling.
0.2 ml PCR Tubes
  Manufactured with virgin polypropylene, these 0.2 ml PCR tubes are
  for optimal fit with all leading thermal cyclers. The   thin tube 
  walls accelerate heat transfer which provides shorter cycle times.

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