GRATIS/Free PCR Homogenizing Kit

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Ideal for RT-PCR, Competitive PCR, Supression PCR, Differential Display
PCR, Ribonuclease Protein Assays, and DNA or RNA Blot Analysis. From
Omni International.

Request any of these FREE laboratory samples, software and publications
at http://www.alkami.com/offers/request05.htm. Alkami Biosystems is a
FREE online laboratory resource for molecular biologists. 

DNA Agar
   A unique, low cost alternative to agarose for gel electrophoresis.
   From Midwest Scientific 

Quick-Stick Ligase Kit™
   Ligations performed with the Quick-Stick Kit take just 5 minutes at
   room temperature as opposed to the traditional methods that must
   be performed overnight at 16ºC. From Midwest Scientific 

1.5 ml Microcentrifuge Tubes
   From Axygen Scientific

0.2 ml PCR tubes
   Designed for optimal fit with all leading thermal cyclers from
   Axygen Scientific

PCR Tissue Homogenizing  Kit Demo from Omni
  Limit one per laboratory. Limited time offer. Subject to verification. 
  Valid in participating  countries. 

Sample Prep Kit
   A safe, economical solution for homogenizing and disrupting cells
   and organelles and eliminate molecular contamination. From Omni

Blotting, Hybridization & Detection: An S&S Laboratory Manual
   An 85 page laboratory manual covering transfer, hybridization &
   detection of nulcleic acids, transfer & detection of proteins,
   membrane selection guide, and nucleic acid purification methods.
   From Schleicher and Schuel/Midwest Scientific 

Tissue Culture Plastic Ware
   Designed to benefit the most demanding research scientists.
   From Midwest Scientific 

Gel Loading Pipet Tips
   MiniFlex™ Microcapillary Pipet Tips. From Midwest Scientific

Redasoft Visual Cloning 2000
   This demo version includes sample sequences that allow you to
   fully evaluate Visual Clonings functionality. From Redasoft 

Shark Bytes
   Shark Bytes monthly e-mail newsletter. No selling, no spam,just
   information that can be used in everyday laboratory work to make
   life a little easier. From Midwest Scientific 

LabShark - Quarterly
   Quarterly Sales Flyer of Laboratory Equipment and Supplies from
   Midwest Scientific 

LabShark - Master Catalog
   Master Catalog of Laboratory Equipment and Supplies from
   Midwest Scientific 

PCR Services Information
   From Investigen, DNA biotechnologies.

Axygen Online Catalog
   Axygen manufactures the highest quality laboratory plastic
   disposables for the life science research market. Its main product
   focus is: MAXYMum Recovery, Pipet tips, Microcentrifuge tubes,
   PCR products, Microtube racks, and Separation columns. 

RNA FlashNotes Newsletter
   The latest information about advances in RNA isolation, detection,
   and quantitation from Ambion. 

Alkami Quick Guide
   This 158 page PCR manual is an invaluable reference for your
   laboratory. PDF File Size 296 KB. From Alkami Biosystems

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