FPLC systems

Geoff Briggs geoff.briggs at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri May 11 09:12:53 EST 2001

Having just changed labs, I'm not sure what version I was
using - I think it was version 2.1. I did start on the
windows 3.11 version, which was unstable, and went through a
couple of upgrades. I'm not saying the software is perfect -
far from it - just that I found it far easier to use. Things
which did annoy me were the long boot-up times, and the fact
that it was only supported on a win 95a system - not even a
98 version. It's file handling could be better too.

However, as for the machine itself; I liked the fraction
collector which allowed different sized fractions within a
run, the easy (easier) tubing connectors, and programmable
UV light which was easily switched on and off within runs.
This doesn't include the saving of run methods and the
output of data to printers and Excel. Of course, most of
these (all?) are available on the Akta, but at a much higher
price, and none were available on the old FPLC systems,
which is what I have to use in my new job :-(


Frank Fuerst wrote:
> Geoff Briggs <geoff.briggs at nottingham.ac.uk> wrote:
> >Scott,
> >
> >you might want to look at the Biorad Biologic system too.
> >It's cheaper than any of the Pharmacia systems and, having
> >used both, is far nicer to program and use.
> We have one Biologic System, and what I don't like is the software:
> It's sometimes "marginally stable" and sometimes strange and
> unflexible to use. But the software we have says something like
> "Copyright 1994-1997", so maybe this is not the newest version?
> I can look up the version number - what is yours, Geoff?
> Bye, Frank

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