Talon resin histidine use

Jeremy Murray jez at csb.yale.edu
Thu May 3 20:35:33 EST 2001

What about low pH or EDTA?

John Eisses wrote:

> Bionetters,
> I am purifying a delicate membrane protein and imidazole seems to
> inhibit it, but when I use histidine, the Talon (Co2+) resin bleaches
> out and the buffer turns brown. Are there alternatives for imidazole? I
> seem to remember a ref for N acetyl Histidine , but does this strip the
> Talon resin? I'll try buffer exchange after the fact but I'd like to not
> lose activity as my experience is once its gone it doesn't come back.
> salud
> Ted Michelini
> michelini at ohsu.edu

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