Protein size in the SDSPAGE gel is different from the estimated size

Hicham Zegzouti zegzouti at nature.berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 20 18:26:54 EST 2001

Hi everybody,

I am working on a protein whose estimated MW (from cDNA )is 120KD. I 
overexpressed this protein in E.coli and made an antibody against it. 
Until now normal!
After purifying the Antibody using Affigel coupled to my protein and 
using this purified Ab aginst transferred plant protein extract, I 
obtain a signal just at around 90 KD. Does anybody have seen 
something like this and does anyone have an explanation for it. What 
do you think I can do to check that the band on the western 
corresponds to my protein?

Thanks for your  help.



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