yeast two-hybrid

Ilya IG_Serebriiskii at fccc.edu
Fri Jun 15 21:57:31 EST 2001

Dear colleagues,

We are maintaining a Web page devoted to the yeast two-hybrid system. An
integral part of this page is a database of false positives, isolated in
two-hybrid screenings. We are also trying to analyze the parameters of
YTH screens to suggest the optimal settings. We are asking for a favor:
if you completed a YTH screen (does not matter if it was a success or a
failure), please fill out our questionnaire on the Web page.
It is our sincere hope that analysis of these data will be helpful for
the scientific community.
Our Web page also contains a lot of YTH-related information: list of
plasmids, libraries, maps, sequences protocols etc.

Best regards,

Ilya Serebriiskii

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