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On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, John Hines wrote:

> Is there such a thing?  I've never heard of one, although I am,
> admittedly, very new to the area.  I've been able to stimulate the MAP
> kinase pathway in a cell line by treating with insulin (1 uM).  However,
> I'd feel more comfortable with the conclusion that there are functional
> insulin receptors present if I could block the signaling with an
> antagonist.
> Only I've never heard of one.  Is there an antagonist for insulin receptors?
> I'd be grateful for any information/insights.

You can check the recent papers (one Science and one JBC) on
the new insulin mimetic compounds, made by Merck, near your
emails address domain. I believe one of those papers (both???)
showed efficacy of the mimetic compound relative an inactive
analog. The inactive analog may be what you want. You could
compare to the active mimetic compound in your case.



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