Human protein digestion

laurie laurie at the-bitch.net
Tue Jun 12 17:56:52 EST 2001

    I am seeking -detailed- information on the biochemistry of protein
digestion in the living human.  Since biochemistry occurs strictly in
3-dimensional space, conventional vague, summarized accounts in
zero-dimensional words are useless and misleading.
    What is necessary is a 3-dimensional real-time, real-space,  analysis
elucidating the 3-dimensional interactions between the
structurally-identified enzymes and the structurally-identified substrates
in the 4 stages of protein digestion, that -also- takes the 3-dimensional
effects of cooking (denaturing) and subsequent partial renaturing of the
protein structure into account, and specifically how the cooking process
interferes with normal protein digestion.
    Anyone know of a source?  Has this work been done?

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