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Dr. Artem Evdokimov eudokima at mail.ncifcrf.gov
Fri Jul 13 14:39:11 EST 2001

> What you will find is that the people who have the experience and background
> in protein research have the best technology, knowledge & platform to base
> their proteomic studies. Those from a genomics background will struggle.

Actually what seems to happen (and that's 100% personal observation) is
that people who talk the most and use the longest words get more money.
Usually, these people are *not* the guys with experience.
Eventually, when the time for report grows nigh and the results are
still close to null, people with real experience are hired on low-end
positions and exploited.

> Sure, you may call proteomics "just biochemistry". But then, genomics is
> also "just biochemistry". The introduction of the word "proteomics" of

Yes and yes. Biochemistry + molecular biology + informatics. Biologists
are scared of computers - thus the respect for bioinfomatics (not that
bioinformatics does not have good stuff happening).

> course does not introduce any new amazing technology. But it does give a
> good focus and grasp of high-throughput analysis of proteins leading towards
> biological discovery. Proteomics has the potential to deliver much more
> information than genomics - but is much more difficult. Proteomics is also
> made much easier by the work already done in genomics.

Proteomics can also be viewed as a smokescreen behind which people hide
their lack of relevant experience.

> If proteomics is all just a hype, then why are there so many large,
> successful, high-profile companies pouring support and money into it? Large
> & successful companies are usually large and successful for a good reason.

This is not entirely new. Many 'large and successful companies' have
poured money into stuff which later turned out to be zero-yield. That's
how companies work - lots of projects are fed, those which bring profit
- evolve and those which do not - die. As was pointed out also, many
companies use hype to make money - nothing new there.

I fully expect that eventually the word proteomics would become
respectable. Just not yet.

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