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:> I am glad to hear that not everyone has succumbed to the mindless hype
:> of 'crystallomics' 'proteomics' 'hedgehogenomics' and other '-omics'.
:> It seems that the gene-jockeys are trying to get into the field of
:> proteins... Good luck. Proteins are *not* nearly as nice and fluffy as
:> nucleic acids, not at all, no siree. The funding will dry up when these
:> people will start rediscovering facts first noted ca 1920-ies. Meanwhile
:> people who have real experience in protein purification are already
:> worth more than their weight in gold. Whoppee.
:What you will find is that the people who have the experience and background
:in protein research have the best technology, knowledge & platform to base
:their proteomic studies. Those from a genomics background will struggle.
:Sure, you may call proteomics "just biochemistry". But then, genomics is
:also "just biochemistry". The introduction of the word "proteomics" of
:course does not introduce any new amazing technology. But it does give a
:good focus and grasp of high-throughput analysis of proteins leading towards
:biological discovery. Proteomics has the potential to deliver much more
:information than genomics - but is much more difficult. Proteomics is also
:made much easier by the work already done in genomics.
:If proteomics is all just a hype, then why are there so many large,
:successful, high-profile companies pouring support and money into it? 

Because that's what large ans successful companies always do -
pour money into hype. 

:& successful companies are usually large and successful for a good reason.

Probably for a reason of "vision" and superiority of their products? 
One word here - Microsoft. 

        - Dima

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