Help stop the spam

Eric Pulliam eric_pulliam at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 7 15:15:24 EST 2001

This most recent spam offensive is spiraling up exponentially, is
threatening the ruin the entire Usenet, and we have to make it stop.

The domain 'my.com' (from which this garbage allegedly emanates)
redirects to a facade site called CESMARKETING.COM.  This page, in
turn, has next to nothing on it (check and see) except an

I went to InterNic Whois and found that 'cesmarketing.com' is held by
REGISTER.COM, a site which does have a presence.  It's a domain
registry and virtual hosting service.

THESE guys (register.com) have a lot to lose.  It seems like a
legitamite, substantial-sized operation, with a developed webpresence.
I suggest that everyone go to REGISTER.COM  (go to the "Contact Us"
link, upper left corner of their home page) and leave complaints.
Unfortunately they have a web-form for contact, which has hard-coded
topic categories on a drop-down list.

Still, let's fill their mailbox with complaints.  Since they don't
have a category for "abuse by a hosted client", we'll just have to
improvise and leave messages however we can (I suggest picking nearest
matches from the drop down list ... perhaps several, in repeated
messages so that the right person(s) do see the complaint.)

Or, you can try:
accounts at register.com
postmaster at register.com
webmaster at register.comand
customer_service at register.com
and all the usual permutations.

The jackasses behind the junk posts (again, at my.com, which redirects
to cesmarketing.com, held by REGISTER.COM) have spammed nearly every
newsgroup I have visited, in the last few days... science, research
and computing groups, as well (as we see here.)

I don't know what's more irksome, the spam itself, or the phony
"apologies" (that don't all come on the same day! gee, go figure) by
some lamer who thinks we're as guile-less as they areunethical.


A handfull of unethical jerks are going to destroy usenet right before
our eyes, if we don't turn up the heat en masse and do something.

I know you think its a lost cause, but this source in particular is
head and shoulders more obnoxious and has posted multiple messages, in
mutiple groups everywhere.

Thanks everyone,E. Pulliam

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