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Dr. Artem Evdokimov eudokima at mail.ncifcrf.gov
Fri Jul 6 14:15:57 EST 2001

I am glad to hear that not everyone has succumbed to the mindless hype
of 'crystallomics' 'proteomics' 'hedgehogenomics' and other '-omics'.

It seems that the gene-jockeys are trying to get into the field of
proteins... Good luck. Proteins are *not* nearly as nice and fluffy as
nucleic acids, not at all, no siree. The funding will dry up when these
people will start rediscovering facts first noted ca 1920-ies. Meanwhile
people who have real experience in protein purification are already
worth more than their weight in gold. Whoppee.

> understand new realities, I'd suggest the following answer:
> Proteomics is the same old anything about proteins but with one
> twist: proteomics is mindless. That is, it is not hypothesis-driven
> and it does not aim to understand anything specifically. Instead,
> its intent is to make a cataloog of features (expression profiles,
> 2D maps, 3D structures, sequences, etc, ect, ect) which will
> be useful for all other protein-related research. Kinda like
> genome sequencing projects - pretty boring and bringing very
> little new knowledge but unquestionably useful in many respects.

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