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Thu Jul 5 19:11:50 EST 2001

Dr. Artem Evdokimov <eudokima at mail.ncifcrf.gov> wrote:
:gene transfer (genetics)
:signal transduction (signal transduction)
:apoptosis (journal of apoptosis)
:microarrays (biotechniques)
:gene expression (biotechniques)
:SNP technologies (same)
:data mining (fancy name for computational biology)
:2-D gel electrophoresis (journal of electrophoresis)
:mass spectroscopy (several MS journals)
:robotics and automation (techniques) 
:protein characterization (biochemistry, protein analysis)
:PCR (biotechniques, journal of pcr)
:And so I wonder : what IS proteomics ? Why is it different from good ole
:biochemistry ?

Formally, the term proteomics was coined to ease getting 
more money for whatever protein-related research. Fanciful name =
new = more chances to be funded. Apart from that and trying to
understand new realities, I'd suggest the following answer: 
Proteomics is the same old anything about proteins but with one 
twist: proteomics is mindless. That is, it is not hypothesis-driven 
and it does not aim to understand anything specifically. Instead, 
its intent is to make a cataloog of features (expression profiles,
2D maps, 3D structures, sequences, etc, ect, ect) which will 
be useful for all other protein-related research. Kinda like 
genome sequencing projects - pretty boring and bringing very 
little new knowledge but unquestionably useful in many respects. 

        - Dima

:"Boyce, Joan (Cahners)" wrote:
:> Cahners Scientific Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new
:> publication, Genomics & Proteomics, in August 2001. Cover stories each month
:> will focus on the most prominent leaders in the genomics and proteomics
:> arena and the role they play in advancing technology. Topics to include:
:> gene transfer, signal transduction, apoptosis, microarrays, gene expression,
:> SNP technologies, data mining, 2-D gel electrophoresis, mass spectroscopy,
:> robotics and automation, protein characterization, PCR, and many more.
:> Register online today for your FREE subscription at
:> <http://www.dddmag.com/scripts/gpsubscribe.asp>
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