Frank Fürst ffrank at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Thu Dec 20 13:04:04 EST 2001

GuilfoyleMR at cardiff.ac.uk (Mathew Guilfoyle) schrieb:

> Does know of a (relatively) simple method for determining whether a
> protein is a homodimer or not? Obviously a western will indicate an Mr
> of double the monomer, but how do you demonstrate homodimerization
> rather than heterodimerization to an unknown protein?

How much of the protein do you have?

Obviously it's a native gel. Why not cut the band and perform an
SDS-page? One band in SDS-PAGE --> most probably homodimer (of course
the hetero-partner _might_ have the same apparent MW, or it might have a
very bad staining efficiency). If you get two bands, everything is

Bye, Frank

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