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Mon Apr 30 16:15:46 EST 2001

> And I'd do it to protect the - not inexpensive - Ni-NTA resin.
Shamefully expensive, knowing how cheap mass manufacture is !

> > We are mostly dealing with proteins being prepared for crystallographic
> > studies so as you can imagine, the amounts of liquids that we put
> > through the systems are quite large, but even for small samples
> > sometimes just one piece of fiber is enough to crack your column or
> > increase the backpressure or get stuck in your pumps and
> > cross-contaminate your sample.
> And one piece of dust could give you a crystal you never see again . . .

There's plenty of opportunities to collect dust for xtallization
purposes after chromatography - just look inside some of the microvial
types :) (yes they're sterile but DUSTY!)

> BTW Michael, if you are doing this for crystallization and not getting
> anywhere, you might try the same protein sans His-tag.

Or move the tag onto the different end of the protein. There are too
many answers to the question 'why my protein does not crystallize' :)
(and a sad lack of answers to the question 'how do I crystallize a given

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