Is This An Old Wives Tale about cancer?

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>Of course some idiot like ... no, I'll resist the urge to name names...
>will tell us that no, it's just random mutation followed by natural
>selection.  Except THAT only works when the mutation gets spread by
>exponential reproduction.  And if THAT is happening, we are again saying 
>that cancer is due to a biological pathogen that REPRODUCES.  Because
>that finely tuned preparation for angiogenesis keeps showing up in ALL
>cancer patients (well, all affected by metastasis and angiogenesis),
>not just SOME of them, as would be the case if it were just random
>mutations, occurring individually in each new patient.

What is this about finely tuned preparaton for angiogenesis?  All a
tumor cell has to figure out is how to make gene control errors while
dividing without suffering aptopsis or attracting the attention of the
immune system.  Most would be tumor cells don't manage this.  Any
normal tissue short of oxygen "calls" for more blood supply.  Every
normal tissue is finely tuned for angiogenesis.  Some primitive cells
that have lost most of their differentiation, can form little "canals"
of their own without assistance from normal angiogensis.  This little
"canals" are normal for the undifferentiated cells of the embryo.

Once they stop regulating the expression of their genes they have
the whole normal genome at their disposal.  However, they can
stimulate angiogenesis by acting normal without needing any abnormal
gene expression.                -- Martin
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