How to count labeled protein in SDS-PAGE gel

peter willlingmann bt8a002 at rrz.uni-hamburg.de
Sun Oct 22 03:39:14 EST 2000

In the past , I separated labelled proteins in SDS-roundgels. similar the
capillargels for IEF but much thicker. Pressed the gels out from the
support and cutted them with a gelcutter (BioRad and Hoefer-Pharmacia sell
them) in 1 mm slides. gel slides were digested with approx 300ul H2O2, and
overnigth at 60 C in the scintilation counter vials. 
Hope that helps
In article <8st4jg$hjb$1 at merrimack.Dartmouth.EDU>, "lxh"
<lxh at dartmouth.edu> wrote:

>Does any know a way to count the radioactivity of proteins from a SDS Gel
>stripe? What is the best way to extract the protein or dissolve the gel? I
>assume it is not a good idea to count it directly in a scintilation counter.
>But the extraction protocol I 've seen takes too many steps, and I am afraid
>I will lost some proteins since I only have several microgram protein per
>band. Thanks.

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