Native protein gels

David Boucher David.Boucher at med.monash.edu.au
Thu Oct 19 20:11:29 EST 2000

This was sent to me by a friend and as such it may be more useful to
email them directly at jonesad at usq.edu.au

I was wondering if you know anyone who regularly runs native
gels. ........" I just wondered if maybe a gradient gel would be better
running a stacker, or if there is some "special" hints that one needs to

know for this procedure.  Like for example, we couldn't get the stacked
set until we changed back to the running buffer pH instead ot the
pH.  And all Sigma's info., although not stating so, , seem to refer to
gel tubes, not Laemelli gels.  Being
highly unhelpful, and having no-one around here who knows anything about
makes info gathering difficult.   If you know anything, please pass it

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