Serine strings

Pedro A Navarro pnavarro at uswest.net
Tue Oct 17 10:10:22 EST 2000

I am studying GP5 (envelope protein) from PRRS virus.  It was found by a
coleague that the presence of a Serine or Threonine residue can kill the
reactivity with a monoclonal antibody.  This new serine becomes part of
a serine string that "grows" from 3 or 4 serine residues in a row to 4
or 5 respectively (different strains have 3 some have 4).  My real
question is: is there any antigenic relevance on the presence of a
serine string.  This string is at the amino end and the substitution
takes place on aa34 (including signal peptide).

Sol M. Cancel
Graduate Student
Iowa State University

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