Solubilising fibrinogen

Phil Harrison arsphys at cc.usu.edu
Mon Oct 16 10:57:44 EST 2000

Many proteins will dissolve more readily in base.  You might try dissolving 
the protein in 0.1 M NaOH and then neutralize it if necessary.  Adding some 
(0.1-0.15 M) NaCl may also help.

Phil Harrison

At 12:42 PM 10/16/2000 +0200, you wrote:

>I am a nutritionist trying to prepare a fibrinogen solution (2g/L).
>Problem is that it does not dissolve readily.  It seems to stick
>together.  I have now added the fibrinogen powder carefully to the
>phosphate buffered saline and just let it stay on top until it seems
>dissolved - this is also not working well.  Slowly mixing it leads to
>aggregates, vigorous mixing is a disaster, ultra sound does not help,
>neither does warming the buffer.  Should I try using something else
>rather than PBS (7.4)?  Any suggestions will help
>Johann Jerling


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