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Valeria Maida vale at ssmain.uniss.it
Thu May 25 10:16:35 EST 2000

I'm just running my second BN-page today! The blu is referred to Coomassie 
blue that is used to charge proteins. I'm trying to use this technique to 
study the equilibrium between dimers and tetramers in my proteins. These 
are the references:

1. Schagger and von Jagow  Blue Native Electrophoresis for Isolation of 
Membrane protein complexes in enzymatically active form  Analytical 
biochemistry, 199, 223-231 (1991)

2. Schagger et al. Analysis of molecular masses and oligomeric states of 
protein complexes by blue native electrophoresis and isolation of membrane 
protein complexes by two dimensional native electrophoresis  Analytical 
Biochemistry, 217, 220-230 (1994)

The first time I've run it, I've not used the mini-gel but the 'big' gel 
with some standards and my protein. Results were very good, mostly on some 
of the proteins. Now I'm trying to do a more selective gel using mini-gels.

Gook luck and tell me now about your results!



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