blue native PAGE and molecular mass analisys

Valeria Maida vale at ssmain.uniss.it
Thu May 11 07:36:30 EST 2000

Hallo everybody!
I'm working on a protein that likely forms tetramers and dimers in 
equilibrium. The monomer molecular mass is around 12. I would like to move 
the equilibrium towards the dimers or tetramer but I have many difficult by 
gel filtration to obtain the separation of the two species: tipically on a 
Superose12 the sample elute in the trimer position instead of having two 
defined peaks. I've also tried to use a S-100 resin but results are not 
always clear. Now I'm trying a longer and sharper coloumn, but I heard 
about blue native PAGE as a system to resolve different species in 
solution. Anyone has experience in that and could give some suggestion? I 
don't know anything about this tecnique.
Thank you very much


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