Thanks to everyone who replied

Toby Skinner tobyski at frogpad.freeserve.co.uk
Sat May 6 10:21:22 EST 2000

This is just a quick thanks to everyone who replied to my mail a few days
ago, I realise it was a bit rash at places and I appologise if anyone found
it a bit pushy.  Anyway, I have read the replies and the information is very
useful, as it happens I have read a lot of approachs to protein folding but
each one seems to be fairly different, I am using the Chou & Fasman rules,
not because their particulary accurate but it was the easiest to understand
(I am a Compuer Science & AI student after all).

If you happen to have a bit of time then I would really appreciate it if you
would be able to comment on the results of my program trying to generate a
new (possibly) haemoglobin protein. I realise it will be inacurate but
because I'm not a biochemist I wont realise exactly why it wont be perfect.

If you can help me then drop me a mail to my home address
(tobyski at frogpad.freeserve.co.uk).

Thanks again.


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