protein diffusing in SDS-PAGE

Alison Leakey leakeyak at cf.ac.uk
Thu Jun 29 02:57:09 EST 2000

The reason that the lowest band becomes diffused is because of it's size (obviously). The small peptide is diffusing into the gel during the staining process. Apparently, TRIS-Tricine gels are better for getting tighter bands at low molecular weight. There are probably many people who
know more about this than I do.

Hope this helps, Alison Leakey PhD.

joe wrote:

> proteins I use 15% or 18% discontinuous SDS-PAGE gels,run at 150V until the dye front reaches the end of the gel (usually 50 minutes) and stained by G-250.I always find the band low than 14 MW is diffused,Anyone has experience in that and could give some suggestion?Thank you very much
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