prokaryotic expression systems??

P. Moreno pmoreno at servidor.ibv.csic.es
Mon Jun 19 12:29:59 EST 2000

"Paul D. Guthrie" wrote:

> We're looking to express and purify a human protein of about 120 amino
> acids in E. coli. Does anyone have any feelings, one way or the other,
> about the following systems?
>     Clontech pPROTet.E
>     Promega PinPoint Xa
>     Stratagene pCAL
> The Stratagene system looks pretty attractive, but we'd like to hear
> from someone who's actually used one or all of these. Thanks for any
> advice!!
> Paul D. Guthrie
> Urology Research Lab
> Children's Hospital, Boston
> ---

I have made it with pET system ( novagen ); and the result was well.

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