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We have all heard about the vast amounts of information that
an investigator can obtain about an individual.  However, did you know
that you too can find out practically anything about a person and/or
business on your own? Armed with this professional but, easy to use
software, you too can use the same sources that private investigators
have used for years to track, locate, background check or screen
almost anyone.

You'll be amazed at what you can find out with CYBER DETECTIVE software!

But, you should beware of other detective type products
(almost always html or text documents) that claim they will show you
how do everything using the net - They simply cover their claims
by providing you with links to Information Brokers!

The toolkit provides you with a complete "how to" guide, a large
selection of tools and even databases that will aid you in just about
any type of informational investigation. Not only does the kit provide
you with the sources and tools that are useful in gathering information
on others but it will also provide you with an organized guide to what
each source can provide and where it's located.

The toolkit does provide an extensive listing of the sources that are
available right on the net and they can even be accessed right from the
program. However, any company that tells you that everything that you
might require can be found on the Net is simply including fee-based
information broker listings within their documents.

Despite the vast amount of information that is available, few states
have everything that you might need online. Therefore, the toolkit does
not only provide you with a large organized listing of the sites that
are available on the net but, also it provides a searchable database of
all the offline public government sources that can be found throughout
the US!  This database contains complete contact information,
notes on each source and will even print envelopes addressed to
any source that you choose. And, this is just a small fraction of
the overall package!

Locate People - Find Almost Anyone

Lots of information, extensive contact sources and
even tools that will allow you to:
- Find people who have relocated
- Find people who have changed their name or address
- Locate resources for adoption related searches
- Determine which locate source to use and how
- Have the government locate deadbeat parents
- Locate people using public records available to anyone
- Locate military buddies
- Find addresses using just a phone number
- Create a map showing directions to a person's house
- How to follow the paper trail almost everyone leaves
- Use the same tips & tricks that investigator's use when all else fails
- Use the post office to determine the address behind a PO Box

The toolkit not only provides the sources most useful in locating people
but also offers a complete "How To" section that explains how and when
to use the different sources and methods provided.

Tap Into Investigative Sources

How and where to investigate, perform or locate:
- Credit information
- Driver's records
- Lawsuit information, civil and criminal
- Employment screening
- Criminal records
- Asset identification
- Your own FBI file
- Bounty hunter resources
- Investigative information
- Secrets of someone's past
- Find tax liens, property records, vehicle ownership and other public records
- Business records
- Where to listen in on the police radios (scanner)
- Check on doctors, lawyers or other professionals

Also within the toolkit is a complete "How To' section devoted on the
topic of background investigations. What public sources are available
and how you can use them.

Search And Make Use Of Various Government Resources

Extensive public record sources and Government resources
- State by state information and listings to Government provided public records
- Searchable Government databases and useful Government publications
- CIA, FBI and secret service information
- Information on obtaining documents under the FOIA
- Legal databases
- Court documents

Visit Numerous Internet Information Sources
Know everything there is to know about the Internet
underground and how you can protect yourself

- Send anonymous email
- Visit illegal drug archives
- Track anyone's newsgroup postings
- Surf anonymously on the net
- Learn how to protect privacy at home and on the net
- Check the Internet's better business bureau
- Visit illegal software piracy sites
- Visit anarchist sites (Loads of information files on just about anything)
- Search criminal databases
- Visit virus distribution and prevention sites
- Search the underground bookstores & gather underground information
- Find unusual products and spy related gadgets

And Much More!


Unlike most of the rest of the current internet detective
programs available, this program does not simply provide
you with a text file of resources (usually addresses and
phone numbers). Nor is it simply an HTML Document with
pretty pictures advertised as "software" (create your
own with Cyber-Detective) but rather it is a powerful
WIN95/98 program that provides you with the tools
necessary to locate and use the resources available
on the internet right from the program!

Go through the listings, when you find something that
interests you, click on it and up pops a box with an
informative description about the site. When you find
a site that you want to visit, you have the following options:


If while reading through the numerous listings found
within Cyber-Detective you find a site that you wish to visit
immediately, simply click on the button "GO" and you
will be taken directly to the site.


A link directory is an HTML document that you can load
into your browser. Once loaded, it provides you with
clickable links that you can use to navigate the internet.
Cyber-Detective allows you to create link directories from
the sources provided within the program.

When you find a site that you want to include into a
link directory, click on the check box beside the
listing. Once you have completed reading and checking
off the sites that you want to visit, press the Create
button and your selections are added to a link
directory HTML document and then loaded into your web
browser. You are also provided with the option of
saving them for later use.

This feature not only allows you to access the sources
provided by Cyber-Detective without loading the
program itself but also allows you to create
directories tailored to a certain function.


The toolkit also provides you with investigative
databases that you will not find anywhere else including
the Information Sources dB (public record sources) and
an interface allowing complete access to the private
Investigative Sources dB (sources, tips, misc.
information) all without additional cost.


Although the toolkit is well worth its small price just for the
instructional information, databases and investigative
sources that it provides, it also has many useful
investigative software applications built right into it as well!

Cyber-Track & Spy

The CD Toolkit has an option that you can use to
create a Cyber-Track & Spy diskette. Armed with this
diskette you can track anyone's internet activity. Simply
install the secret tracking files from this diskette onto
a computer and all URLs visited will be secretly tracked
and recorded.

Disk Snoop

Disk Snoop is a simple but useful utility that will
allow you to quickly search any computer for internet
file types. Those who do not carefully delete the files
generated during their internet activity will be at the
mercy of this software.

Investigator's Electronic Notebook

Within the the Toolkit is another program that you
will find very useful in gathering information and managing
investigative related tasks. The I.E. Notebook has many
different tools including built-in SSN, area code, and FEIN
databases. Additionally it provides an online hookup to the
Cyber-Detective's IR. database.

Cyber-Detective Search Utility

The CD Search Utility allows you to perform
general and investigative type searches over the internet.
With one click of a button, one can retrieve general search
query results, people's addresses & phone numbers and
much more. (The search utility is a small scale version of
CD's Cyber-Data Retriever software)


- Quick Search - Search multiple sources for an address, email or phone information.
- Very extensive and continually growing list of internet investigative sources
- HTML interface option for those who prefer it
- State search utility - SSN, address search, phone search, etc.
- Public records sources database built into the toolkit
- "How to" reference sections
- Email and Address locate wizard
- Unlimited access to Cyber-Detective's IR. Database
- Link directory creation - Make your own tailored HTML documents
- Numerous spy software applications built right into the program
(all of which can also be run independently)
- One button access to the CD Investigative Reports Library
- Stand-alone investigative search utility that works with your browser
- Click a button for upgrade downloads. Your sources are always up-to-date
- Internet database locate utility
- One click for friendly web site and email support


With Cyber-Detective you never have to worry about how
old the information is and whether or not it is even
valid! Cyber-Detective is updated approximately every
third month and these updates are always free to anyone
who has purchased the program via download at the
Cyber-Detective Web Site. Simply click on a button within
the program to check for and, if necessary, to obtain the
next update from the Cyber-Detective Web Site.

This is the software private investigators wish was kept secret!
Now at your fingertips!

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