Nuclear Extract

Paul S. Brookes. brookes at uab.edu
Tue Jun 6 08:22:20 EST 2000

By nuclear extracts do you mean just the DNA (in which case a simple 
precipitation method should work) or the whole nucleus including the 
membrane and any proteins there - which is a bit more tricky?

WRT markers, LDH is about as good a cytosolic marker as any - rock solid 
spectrophotometric rates and lots of kits available from Sigma e.t.c. if 
you can't be bothered to work up a method.  Mitochondrial markers are a bit 
more tricky - try citrate synthase (a matrix enzyme), as its easy to 
assay.  However your contamination might be from the mito' membrane 
fraction, so try monoamine oxidase (outer membrane) or cytochrome c oxidase 
(inner membrane).


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