need peak detection algorithms

strider at comteco.entelnet.bo strider at comteco.entelnet.bo
Tue Jun 6 07:57:36 EST 2000


   I am working on de Novo peptide sequencing with MS/MS data.  I am
   now trying to learn all the different ion types generated by the
   MS/MS so that I can assign some probabilities to each terminal
   ion type... say y, b, y-H2O, b-H2O, etc.

   I have statistically obtained plots for the ferquency functions of:
         - N-term charge +1
         - C-term charge +1
         - N-term charge +2
         - C-term charge +2

   What I need now is a very good peak detection algorithm that
   considers random fluctuations and false peaks....

   Can anybody helpme on this?  I mean the algorithms....


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