protein synthesis - question

Christina Benedek cbenedek at gmx.de
Thu Jun 1 07:42:05 EST 2000


I hope I'm right in this ng. If not: could you please tell me, which ng
would be right for tis question?
I'm preparing for a test
I have got a question regarding plasma membrane proteins and can't find the
answer in any of the books I got at home and don't know where to search on
th web for the answer. So I hope you can help me.

Plasma membrane proteins are synthesised with the help of ribosomes attached
to the ER, they are simultaneously translocated into the lumen of the ER.
But what then? They need to be integrated into the ER membrane before being
transported elsewhere. But how? I can imagine this is as difficult as a
protein flip-flop in the membrane would be. Does anyone know the answer?

Thanks for reply

C. Benedek

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