Question about protein (;-)

Joe Studer studer at okstate.edu
Mon Jul 24 10:05:10 EST 2000

Could this be do to excess salt.  I know I had streaks that went away once i
removed the salts with a chloroform precipitation.  anyway good luck

Ken wrote:

> Hello everybody!
> I have a simple question, but it's hard for me.
> I run SDS-PAGE using the protein samples prepared by myself, and stain the
> gel with commassie blue after ecletrophoresis. The troublesome thing is that
> there is always smear on the gel according to the place of each lane. I
> don't know if this means the protein is degraded, or should the staining
> appear to have some major visible band .
> I am sorry for my poor description, but if you are interested in this
> problem, I can email you a picture of the gel.
> thanks a lot!!!
> Kun Qian

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